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Have that level buy RS gold
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Have that level buy RS gold of damage multiplied by 4 because we are assuming that each of the members are holding a battery to throw in the mini-bosses. It is going to help you clear the point super fast.So after you killed the two of them, you will enter the next stage. He isn't tricky at all and very easy to dodge once you get the hang of his

attacks.His initially and basic assault is"indicating" you using a flashlight, or more like, the place he's going to take his cannons at, it has a delay so that you may just walk out of it together with your dash.Another assault is his landmines. Notice it will never land in your if you haven't transferred from your location when he deploys his landmines. The boss is just gonna attempt to lure you in to it.A third attack of his, is his"ray" attack, he's charging up his laser cannon and then shoots it out of his near floor to much away and you'll see red squares which will damage you in the event that you continue standing on these red blocks. Those red blocks are made out of his

laser beam he fired. Another attack he could preform is that a"rush" attack. He just fly straight towards you and would float in place, charging his speed. Once again, it is quite easy to dodge when you time it properly because sometimes he would divert to your position before he drifted ahead to you.And at the end of the dash he will

leave a"cross" (more like a + than a cross) on the floor, that turns OSRS Gold into fire, and again, it will turn red so that you would detect and have enough time to maneuver away.The next attack he uses is a bunch of scattered lasers that he shoots. It's no crowd control, meaning you can just confront it, and it's hitbox is somewhat bizarre as it

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